Join Retro Faction and bring back a nostalgic feeling based on the classic games you grew up with.

Download the game on Android or iOS.

The game is available on the two major operating systems, so it will be playable on most smartphones out there. It features an amazing game play that will hook you in and cause a nostalgic addiction – have fun and save the world.

What makes it so special?

1990s style

If you grew up in the 1990s, this game will bring back good memories.

Multiple levels

There are dozens of levels, each of them designed differently.

Continuous fun

There are days of fun and then, you can start all over for another adventure.

Excellent controls

The game play, controls and user experience will simply stun you.

Plenty of guns

Small gun

Fire Uzi

Bad machine-gun

Triple Rocket

And many others

The Team

Retro Faction may look like it has just returned from the 1990s, but it is actually completely new. It features the style and graphics from those golden times, yet there are some differences – way better game play, no bugs, more worlds and much more entertainment.

Graphics and videos
John Tombstone
Mark Cordell and John Tombstone
Amy Putter
Steve McAllen

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