Find out how and where to download Retro Faction from, as well as system requirements

Use any of the links below for quick download options of Retro Faction

The game is available on Android and iOS smartphones. Unfortunately, there are no versions available for smartphones running Windows. However, developers have announced developing another version specially for these users.

Download features, links and system requirements for Retro Faction.

Got an Android smartphone? Got an iPhone? Whether you have a smartphone or a tablet running Android or iOS, you will be able to play Retro Faction. The game has plenty of worlds and at least three times more levels – minimum three levels per world. However, despite all these, it is relatively small in size when compared to other games – around 40MB. When it comes to system requirements, it is worth noting that it perfectly imitates the 1990s graphics – slightly pixelated and quite simplistic. Simply put, it does not require too much power or memory. In fact, the operating system version is irrelevant because it has low requirements. You do not have to register an account to play, yet having one will come with extra benefits, such as keeping scores or comparing your scores to others'. Login with social media too.

Starting a new venture of going back to the 1990s.

The design and graphics are everything, but the game play will surprise you. Controls are so smooth and simple that you simply cannot put your device down. We have to warn you – this is the kind of small game that will cause addiction. Moreover, with so many different levels, you will always be hooked in.