The nostalgic view is nothing if the features cannot raise to the expectations – find out how!

Disclosing the main features and game play in Retro Faction

To most players, Retro Faction draws some attention with its unique style. To someone born after 2000, it feels like a basic game to kill time. To a 1980s or a 1990s kid, everything is about the look. But how about the actual game play?

Settings and controls to make life much easier in Retro Faction.

If you remember those classic games from the 1990s, you probably remember that controls were decent. They would get the job done, but you would have to die a few times in order to understand moves and how to overcome certain obstacles. Sometimes, controls felt too slow. Other times, they were way too fast, rushing you into a deadly hole. There is nothing to worry about in Retro Faction though, as everything is different. Controls are extremely responsive. You have multiple options too. You can tilt your smartphone and hit buttons for jumping and firing only, but you can also have full controls on the screen. You can reposition them if you are not happy with the default layout too. When it comes to settings, you have more options in terms of brightness, graphics, control speeds, quality and many others.

What it takes to turn Retro Faction into the experience of a lifetime.

Retro Faction starts with a basic scenario. You have a character and you have to go right – quite classic so far. Play along with the controls and use the training mission and the first world to get used to them. If you have any experience with similar games from the 1990s, chances are you will get used quite quickly – the only difference is you no longer have keys, but touchscreens. Every world is split into more levels, which are also slightly different in graphics. In other words, two levels will never be alike. Obviously, you gain more and more difficulty as you go through worlds. Most of them have three levels, with the third one being the most complicated one because there is always a bigger monster to fight at the end. Players have more guns to choose from – as a quick tip, preserve ammo for the last scenario of each world.