Retro Faction – an intense action game with a unique story line and plenty of difficulties to keep you challenged. Most importantly, welcome back to the 1990s.

Discover the story behind Retro Faction, as well as a few tips and tricks about how to explore the numerous worlds. Find out what makes the game so popular and what keeps people hooked in for such long periods of time.

Welcome back to the future – or was it the past? Here are the 1990s.

Retro Faction is a game of fun, entertainment and innocent nostalgia.
Retro Faction is one of those games that do not require too much thinking. It is suitable for kids of all ages, but it also makes a great time killer for teenagers and even adults. When it comes to adults, it is quite obvious what makes it so popular – it looks like the classic games from the 1990s. It is slightly pixelated and features exquisite controls and an addictive game play. Worlds keep changing as you go from one level to another, bringing in even more entertainment than back then.

The necessity to slow down the gaming industry a bit – and it worked.

There are no doubts about it – the gaming industry evolves too fast. If you thought computer games go fast, check out some of the most demanding games designed for smartphones and you will be surprised. Things simply become more and more realistic. You have to think too much and figure things out. At the end of the day, it is only a game, so it is supposed to relax you, rather than stress you out. This is one of the reasons behind Retro Faction. Obviously, trying to bring back the 1990s was the first goal behind this project, but simplicity was just as important. This is one of the few games out there that can be played by everyone – from toddlers and kids to teenagers and adults. Everyone has a reason to load it up, fire up at some enemies and conquer worlds.

How it all started – designing Retro Faction from scratch.

Retro Faction started with an idea. How do you feel when you remember about games you used to play as a kid? How about those games that dominated the world a few decades ago? Even a simple picture will make your heart jump, not to mention a video, an article or perhaps the opportunity to go back for one more time. While some of those games can still be downloaded over the Internet, this is the age of smartphones. You want to play your favorite games wherever you are – be it on a bus or in your doctor's office in the queue. The concept put more people together. While everyone contributed to the story, roles were specifically given based on experience and style. Someone handled the graphics, while someone else dealt with the audio or the game play. The result? Stunning! Download the game and see yourself.

What to expect from Retro Faction – apart from the retro experience.

The overall retro graphics and experience will be the first aspects convincing people to download the game. It is suitable to everyone and makes a great time killer for adults, while kids will love struggling to go from one world to another. Obviously, everyone who plays this game does it for a different reason. All in all, graphics are classic for the 1990s, but the gameplay is drastically improved. Controls are flawless and highly responsive, so there will be no frustration involved. Worlds tend to become harder and harder, but they are quite doable and will keep you hooked in. Once you are done with a level, you will die to see what the next one looks like. Other than that, restarting the game will give you slight changes, so there will always be something new. A wide plethora of guns and a few key combinations make it even better.